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About Us

Chief Editor : Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

India is a country with diversified culture and languages , geographical vastness , difference in political opinion, sensitive religious sentiments and unfortunately a biggest ever gap between the poor and the rich , one thing that unite them all … it's The India Book of Records.

India Book of Records has been the record keeper of all Indian records for more than a decade. It's 12th edition, 'India Book of Records -2017' has itself created a benchmark by being a bestseller, highly reviewed consistently in various online bookstores including Amazon and Flipkart. It is often referred as a last word in the field  of Indian records by the world media including BBC & New York times. India Book of Records also has the credit of being the first to start the Book of Records in Hindi and to ignite the desire among the masses to bring at their best , as it is clearly evident by India Book of Records (IBR) tagline :-                 

“Extra ordinary feats………………….

               ………………..Extra ordinary people”

We at INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS  are dedicated to identify the excellence and to honor the most deserving one, while maintaining the highest level of transparency and the fair processing.

We have a team of professionals who work round the clock in accordance with International Protocol for Records (IPR) , where preserving the evidence of records for future reference  and forming Guidelines to Set Records (GSR ) are among some of the major responsibilities.

India Book of Records is registered with the Government of India with RNI no HARENG/2010/32259.

India Book of Records is affiliated to Asia Book of Records and follows International Protocol of Records (IPRs) as per the consensus arrived at the meeting of the Chief Editors of National Record Books, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Whether it's about reaching the talent on the street of the rural India or to give the Indian Record Holders the World Stage, there's only one name, 'The India Book of Records'.