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About Us

India book of records was started in 2004 by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury who himself is a Guinness world record holder. We are a team of reporters spread across the country working day and night trying to find some extraordinary people.

Beyond Politics, religion, the rich, the poor, the young and the old, what connects Indians is their passion to chase excellence. Indians are at the fore front of World Records. More number of record attempts are made in India than in any other country of the world. Every 10th world record belongs to an Indian. The story of world records can never be complete without the mention of Indian Record Holders. As a keeper of Indian records for last one decade ‘India Book of Records’ has been and will always be a art of the journey of every Indian record holders in creating new records……...

India book of records is a collection of national records in the field which mostly is not included in an organized sport. If you want to fulfill your dreams and that to as a landmark achievement then the best way is the “India Book of Records” which spells to each and every one who dreams and wants to stand at the peak of success.



Each one of us is born with some very special, unusual and unique talent that can make us stand apart from rest of the world. To release the hidden, untapped genius within, read India Book of Records which opens the world of new possibilities for all.

As India has grown and changed, India Book of Records has been there to record all the amazing facts and feats. From silver screen to appalling stunts, from business to books, body and back flips, the best, the most, the longest, the shortest, the highest, the lowest…. the most extraordinary in an extraordinary India are all here in this exciting edition of India Book of Records.